Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hi lovely, it's been a while since I last wrote. As you might be able to tell, we've been going through some pretty things lately. Mostly, the fact that we're moving into our very own place! Just you, your dad, and I in our own sanctuary. This makes me so happy because we now have a place to raise you in and give you a proper nursery space and all that good stuff.

I can't tell you what an accomplishment this is for your dad and I, the fact that we're able to make it on our own and thrive without the help of others. It's amazing to have our own home, just like it might be your home in my tummy. Which by the way, you may be evicted soon. The clock is ticking sweetie, only one month until you're supposedly due. I don't know how much longer you plan on staying in there, but at least wait until you're developed enough for me to take you home right away!

As you may have saw, we almost lost grandpa this weekend with the problem on his brain. It was such a scary and tense moment, I guess it just reminded to appreciate every day because it might end before you can blink. And in turn, I'd like you to remember that. Whatever you do, take as many pictures as you can, keep those memories forever.

Like last time, I'm not sure what to write down, I guess just a recap of the most recent events. I hope you like purple, your dad isn't much of a pink fan. We're trying to decorate the room as you'd like it, but kind of hard to when we haven't met you yet! I'm sorry if you don't, but please don't scream your pretty little head off if you hate the color. Well, you can scream for your dad :P

I just think of this as a sign that things are going to be wonderful, even after you're born, everything will sort of lock itself in place. It's only the beginning! Can't wait until you're here to enjoy those special moments with us.

Just checking in, hope you're doing good in there. Almost out, but hopefully not too soon.

P.S, It's not nice to play soccer with my bladder.

Love, mom.