Sunday, July 22, 2012


Dear Sariah,

Well we've hit 22 weeks, yay us! 6 months down, 3 left to go. A couple days ago at my scan, when the UT went looking for you to take your picture, you did the most incredible thing, you smiled. I'd like to think you're going to be a happy child then, seeing as you've done some pretty crazy stuff in my stomach. I know I've said it probably a thousand times and you'd probably roll your eyes if you could, but I really am excited for you to be here.

I keep having these dreams of what you're going to look like. Your scan doesn't really give me much clues, but I suppose you look a bit like me already. I'm so excited to dress you up, if you let me that is. Don't know if you'll be a girly girl or a tomboy, but I'd love you just as much.

I think days are getting easier now that people can see how much we've been designating our time for you. It may not be understandable to some, but they just can't see how much love you form when you feel a little someone growing in you. Perhaps you'll understand what I mean someday, but hopefully not too soon. I'd like you to live your life how you want to without feeling rushed. I know people feel like they can pressure others into doing what they want them to do, but remember, you are your own person.

Well, it's been a crazy ride so far and it's not over by a long shot. It's pretty safe that everyone our family is crazy excited to meet you as well. Your aunt Izzy won't stop drawing you pictures so I'm sorry if you find your room decorated with all kinds of random pictures. If it makes you excited, you have quite a few gifts already waiting for you when you come. I don't know if that'll motivate you to come faster, but please come when you're good and ready :) you're a little too early to arrive now so if you could stay cooking until October, mommy would really appreciate it.

Argh, you make me so happy Riah. I've never looked forward to the future until now. It's nice to finally have a purpose each day and know that what I'm doing, it's for a good reason. Maybe a couple years now you'll be going through the same thing, but hopefully not. Maybe unlike me, you'll know where you want to go in life and not constantly wonder 'what if' about things.

On the other hand, do you think you can maybe lay off my bladder? I love you sweetie, but you're making me feel like Sea Biscuit. I pee so many times your dad gets annoyed me, but of course when I tell him it's cause of you, he's all okay with it. Look at you, got your daddy hooked already. That's my girl :)

Love you Riah.


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