Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Reason.

Dear Sariah,

I'm not quite sure what possessed me to start this, but I suppose it was a good way to pass time. Pass the time until the day you're actually here, and to the day you'll actually read this. I decided to write these...letters if you will, something I want you to have when you are older. Should something ever happen to your father and I, I hope these give you comfort as in these letters you will find us always.

As you grow older you will see that I'm not exactly the most conventional person, but bare with me. Try to understand that there's a method to my madness, a rhyme to my reason. They say that writing is the greatest form of expression, and to me this rings true. If there's anything I am glad I inherited from my own mother, it is writing.

You will soon see that writing is something I've been doing since I was 13. I learned how to take my imagination and make into something much more amazing. I crafted my emotions into a pretend world to mask my true self, a comfort zone if you will. I never fully realized just how much my imagination kept me going for so long, but I'm glad it did.

That's why I hope one day when you're older, you'll love your imagination just as much as I do. It'll take you places you never thought possible, and because of that, you'll have the power to create the most amazing things. Wherever you decide to go, always bring your imagination with you.

Little Sariah, these are things your father and I never thought we'd write down so soon. But for what it's worth, we hope you carry these on for however long you will need them. Remember if your life seems dark at any point in time, let these be the light you need.

Love always, mom.

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